Jalecon Ltd


Jalecon creates new scalable international business with organisations in the industry and services value chain.

The Internet of Things (IoT), which is behind the Industrial Internet, represents a digital copy of the real world, where all objects have a digital identity.

Digitalisation, however, is more than just machines. It’s people, business models, processes and structures.

In a rapidly changing world, expertise and intangible solutions have become more important, and the significance of the service business operations and value-creating chains is increasing. Technical in-depth knowledge is still needed, but it is essential that it is accompanied by the ability to bring different types of experts and expertise together.

Jalecon’s response to this change is to help customers generate new network-like business. It focuses on the added value layer, the highest level of the Industrial Internet. Together with organisations in the industry and services value chain, it creates new scalable international business.